Arctic Art

On Monday we visited Mr. Andrew’s family for a Thanksgiving brunch. After we feasted, we went on a walk to work off the apple pie. And on our amble we found these fantastic examples of Inuit stone carvings on the curb.

The bird is signed by Samson Meeko from Sanikiluaq. The beak is broken but it is still beautiful. There is so much detail in the carving and the form is very expressive.

The Arctic Char is signed by Noah Tuki from Inukjuak. This community is onown for its use of argillite in its stone carvings.

It’s tail has been damaged and repaired. I like fish (I’m a Pisces after all) but this is the first sculpture of a fish in my collection.

I’m very happy that I’ve been able to amass an impress (to me) gallery of art from pieces I’ve found in thrift shops, yard sales and on the sidewalk. But I also get a little angry that people dismiss and discard these pieces as souvenirs instead of recognizing it for what they are—examples of artistic expression.” Both of these artists are represented in museums across North America. Their works appear in auctions. Yes, these examples are a little battered but they are also amazing.