Mule Tide

My ongoing Poshmark journey is mostly focu on reselling my old stuff to keep clothes in circulation and out of landfills. I have, on ccasion, bought things on Poshmark. My latest purchase: these shearling Papillio by Birkenstock platform Boston mules.

While i have made great strides in downsizing my closet, I still have way too many clothes. And even though I mostly buy second hand to reduce consumption and to save money, I still feel guilty about my excesses. This year, I’ve tried to establish boundaries by creating wish lists of things I really want and then searching resale sites like Poshmark for said items.

The three things I’ve purchased on Poshmark have all come from these wishlists—a yellow cardigan, a copy of a favourite Uniqlo top (albeit in a different colour), and now a pair of Birkenstock Bostons.

I still make impulse buys, like the Commes des Garcçons sneakers I found at the Value Village a couple of weeks ago, but this technique has made me more disciplined and helps me to stay more “on brand” style-wise.