Looks Like We Made It

I am trying to get back into the crafting routine. Making things is good for my spirit. it also keeps my hands occupied so that I’m not mindlessly snacking whilst binge watching TV. These are some of the projects I completed this week.

First up, I had an idea to make elbow length mittens out of a wool scarf that I had already ruined twice (once when I let the moths get at it and once when I tried to dye it blue). We were watching Big Fat Quiz of the year when Bernie Sanders’ upcycled sweater inauguration mitts came up as question which reminded me of my plan. I will probably trim the scarf fringe off but otherwise I’m pretty pleased.

I did a lot of decluttering over the holiday and discovered all kinds of little fabric remnants so I sat down to make some lavender sachets for the drawers (to help battle the moths). Turns out that I hadn’t harvested as much lavender from our garden as I had thought and only had enough to fill two pillows.

I did find that I had enough catnip (gift from Fastwürms) to make a cat toy for my sister’s new kit. In the past our pet had spurned the nip, but this time he went bananas. He even tried to claw through the envelope I put my sibling’s present in. I promised I’d make him his own tonight.