We’re back under lockdown again. It’s important to have a sense of routine in these topsy turvey times so I’m going back to the things that brought me solace during the last three quarantines: making art and crafting.

Today lets talk art. I haven’t done enough drawing and painting over the last few months but I did buy a new sketchbook in November so I have resolved to fill its pages by drawing for an hour a day. I started by sketching a picture of tap shoes I saw on Mrs. Huizenga’s Instagram.

I had time left (and I was having fun) so I continued to draw by resurrecting my ”Pandemic Purchases” series. As you may recall, last year I set out to sketch every article of clothing that I obtained since March 2020.

The objective of this exercise was to be more mindful of my wardrobe choices. The lesson was that I have a lot of clothes. Granted there is a lot of second hand, swapped and handmade garments on the list, but still it’s too much.

The last time I worked on the project back in October, I thought that either the pandemic would be over and that I would have curtailed my expenditures but the sketches shown here don’t even show the whole inventory. I had to stop because my arm started to hurt.

So maybe lockdown isn’t such a bad thing in my case.