Do Over

Sometimes I buy clothes that don’t fit because they are on sale and then I don’t wear them because they don’t fit. This weekend I altered this oversized dress by removing the billowing bodice and attaching the sleeves to the skirt part.

The idea was inspired by an image that i saved to Pinterest last year. It was a picture of a person wearing an all indigo outfit consisting of a tiered short dress, baseball jacket, and jeans plus a babushka scarf. I’ve mentioned this before but Pinterest has been very helpful in helping me reimagine my existing wardrobe. The first stage is usually me shopping for a piece I admire. But last week, when I was sorting through the closet pruning out unloved garments to sell on Poshmark, I realized that i could remake this dress and the look (although I lack a blue bomber jacket).

The neck line still needs work (I’m gonna go buy some elastic at the Dollarama later this week) but for now the scarf and jacket combo hides the droopiness.