Wish List: Travel Edition

I’m going to be traveling to Switzerland for work, and while I’m a little anxious about the trip I am excited about the opportunity to shio at my favourite dollarish store, Flying Tiger, again. FT closed its North American shops early in the Pandemic and its not like I’ve been travelling much anyway, so….

I’m so excited about the prospect of reuniting with Flying Tiger that I spent over an hour on the website preplanning my purchases. To justify my labour, I’m going to post my picks here, starting with the plastic snake bracelet pictured above.

I could always use another watch box.

Did I mention that I updated my iPhone on Friday? Judging by the reaction of the staff at the Telus store it was very old and out of date. in fact, I may have got it in Switzerland to replace a phone that I fried because I charged it with a cheap universal converter. Anyway, it would be fun to have a crossbody case to carry it around in when I’m wearing something without pockets (and yes, I have made two pouches for my phone but I forget where I put them).

I have always wanted a see through raincoat and one of those transparent bubble umbrellas. Gotta look good in those April Showers!

I read that playing Tetris helps rebuild your brain after trauma. I reckon we all have PTSD now, so this mini brick game might aid in rewiring the old noggin’. I actually had one of these in the 1990s. I would play it on the bus rides between Toronto and Kitchener.

Maybe it’s time to bring Zines back. If so, I will need a stapler thar can connect more than four sheets of paper.