The Cat’s Dishes

Our cat is getting on in years so we are always looking for ways to make his life more comfortable. He is a British Shorthair and this has a giant noggin and a flat little face. Through internet research and trial and error we discovered that vintage Kathie Winkle for Broadhurst saucers placed on a raised tray provided the best dining experience for our precious. (That’s the wee dish pictured above with other examples of the self taught designers patterns). Unfortunately our own age-induced clumsiness has resulted in the breaking of these dishes. And procuring vintage Kathie Winkle at thrift shop prices isn’t as easy as it was ten years ago.

Last week another saucer got smashed, so I went to the Value Village hoping that the Universe would provide at least some bowls that matched the dimensions of Kitty’s dinner service if not the pattern. I got sort of lucky with a set of blue and white saucers with a colonial style decoration. And I also scored six Kathie Winkle cereal bowls which ate too big for the cat but purr-fect for us.