01119DB4-E540-4AD1-95DC-E17D13B67203Slowly getting back to work on the Gracious Good Etsy shop. While I can’t go out and hunt in my current condition, I also have a backlog of bijoux that I can list.

E193A190-FE3F-4D59-89AC-554D3A8B1A27In fact, one of my recouperation goals was to work through these many boxes of unlisted jewels and put them up for sale. Once again, I was overly optimistic about what I could and could not do post-surgery. Taking pictures, for example, is hard because it’s a struggle to sit and stand easily. I have to really concentrate to do the simplest of motions and it is exhausting.

64F63208-C2AE-4AE8-A242-19AE145C1DD1On the plus side, I am getting more range of motion each day. And a little more focus and energy. So I was able to photograph and list these gems today. Hooray for little victories!