Vintage Geneva

I’m in Geneva for work. I came a day early to explore a little an to reacclimatize myself to travel. The weather was gorgeous so I spent a good part of Monday and Tuesday ambling around town.

I‘ve been itching to visit a good old fashioned flea market. The only one happening on these dates was the Marché de la Fusterie which is a collection of vintage book and art dealers. Because I am trying to travel carry on only, I knew I couldn’t bring any of these babies back, but my visit made me want to start collecting vintage posters now.

Because I incurred quite a few unplanned expenses right before my trip (laptop battery died, iPhone crossed the rainbow bridge) my hunting was a photo safari only.

On my second day in Geneva I transferred hotels. The new one is in the heart of the second hand district. I like to visit vintage shops because they usually have a repository of flyers for local events like concerts and art openings. It’s a good way to take the cult temperature of a city.

There is a thriving thrift scene here, but like everything in Geneva, the shops I visited were too expensive to actually buy anything from. I should have packed my luggage for the outward part of my voyage with clothes to sell. Then I could have room in my my luggage and money in my pocket for the return.