Vintage Glasses: Yay Or Nay?

Yesterday I got my eyes checked. All is well but my prescription has changed a little bit.

So I need new glasses. My dream frames are these heavy black ones worn by the character Indigo in the tv series ”The After Party.”

I believe these are vintage Cazals or something close to that. I can’t afford Cazal’s so I went to Value Village today in hopes of finding a similar style. Here’s what I scored.

It’s a pair of old school frames by American Optical. Of course, I couldn’t tell what they looked like on me in the store because I could not see without the correct lenses in them so I took a chance, bought them and brought them home where I took pictures of me wearing them with different hairstyles.

I think they work. Next step is taking them to Opticianado to see if they can retrofit them with my new prescription.