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I do have a fondness for buying clothes from places that also sell groceries and appliances. Walmart, for example, carries a size inclusive label called Eloquii Elements, which is a spin off of a brand called Eloquii. As a big girl, I admire their aesthetic — most plus size tries to drown the wearer out with hideous patterns and goofy embellishments.

When I say that Walmart carries the Elements spinoff, it seems that this statement should be in the past tense as there are only a few pieces left on the website and they are all in the clearance section. Because I’m invited to cocktails and a fancy dinner on Saturday and am not sure I’m ready to get too dressed up, i thought I’d wear a two-piece pant suit instead. I also ordered a drop shoulder, cropped top that I can pop over a summer dress or pair with some wide-legged troysers fir a more casual look.