Catching Up

Still trying to catch up from the holidays. Even though we said we weren’t going to do anything during our time off, we still had dinner with the in-laws, had Christmas Day Chinese food with our friends, and spent three days in Kitchener with family and friends. And I still managed to buy some things.

For example, it was my sister’s birthday so we went to the mall to get her a present at Ardene’s. She got Harry Potter PJs and I picked up a pair of plastic covered, faux shearling faux Uggs. They came in handy because it rained all weekend and I neglected to bring my new Birkenstock rainboots with me.

There was a Goodwill across the street from our hotel so you know I had to check that out. It was pretty picked over but I did bring home some A&W merch masks. Some of my old fun masks are over two years old so it was time to replace them. I am reminded of a thing I saw on Twitter which was asking someone what they were going to do with their old cloth masks when the advice was to wear N95s instead. The reply was something like “The fun masks are the party dress and the N95s are the Spanks — I’m going to wear them both.”