Maximal Minimalism

I’m always struggling with my signature style. Do I want to be a goth or a goof? Do I want to be an elegant and sophisticated minimalist or a colourful character?

During these dreary January days, I’m definitely leaning toward fun clothes. The weather has been so overcast and rainy this week that I haven’t left the house for days. I visited the Value Village last night just to get my steps in. And although the old closet is just about bursting at the seams again (I will Poshmark some surplus tomorrow), I could not resist these colourful and kooky finds.

I got the world’s greatest handknit Mini Mouse sweater and a red and blue geometric design blazer. Both very vintage. Both $5.99.

Not as bright but definitely bold is this maxi sweatshirt dress with a big ol’ wolf face. It is a souvenir of Sparrow Lake (it was $9).

And the best find of all is this McDonald’s Canada character watch. It’s a Swiss made windup, probably from the 1970s, with it’s original strap (at least according to the internet). And it’s keeping excellent time ($15).

All in all an excellent haul. I will have to lock myself in a concrete cell like a werewolf during a full moon to prevent myself from spending any more money for the rest of the month, but them’s the breaks.