What’s Up? Part 2

Last weekend I visited my mom in KW for Mother’s Day. I ambled over to the Sobey’s in search of Purity Kisses but alas the Newfoundland section of the International Aisle had been reduced to three shelves and there were no sweets to be had.

Next, I wandered over to a nearby dollar store where I bought this fountain pen. This purchase was inspired by the fact that I did not bring back any stationery as a souvenir from Dresden. They didn’t even have free pens in the hotel.

After that, I hit the Salvation Army. I got two things there. This stamped Taxco Silver and Turquoise bangle and a striking Geoffrey Beene Watch (pictured up top).

One of my sub collections is fashion watches. This Geoffrey Beene caught my eye because I always associate stripes with the late American Designer (I once had the honour of visiting the Park Avenue Penthouse of legendary fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert and she had the walls papered in ticking fabric from Beene, one her clients). It’s not horologically important and Beene’s work has faded from favour but it reminds me of that era in my life! It’s original, signed strap was pooched so I replaced it with a brown NOS strap that I had lying around.

And finally my sister and I did some shopping to prepare for my mom’s birthday party. We went to Dollar Tree for plates and cups and I picked up these ridiculous sunglasses.

It must be noted that my sister was wearing a lovely grey t-shirt dress that she got at Walmart. It looked so good on her that I made her take me there so I could get one too. It looked better on her but I think it will become a summer staple.