What’s Up Part 1

I’ve been traveling a lot recently. Whenever I visit a different town I like to hit up the thrift shops. Because there was no time during my journey to Germany to peruse any vintage boutiques, I made up for it with some trips to secondhand emporiums in Kitchener, Niagara Falls and at home in Toronto.

Here’s an inventory of local treasure, starting with the Dutch Wax fabric and Watch pictured above. I plant to make a simple summer top with the material. The watch is non working. I honestly bought it for the strap because I have a vintage fixed lugs timepiece coming in. But I have an idea to turn the watch into a necklace.

Got a Mickey Mouse t-shirt at National Thrift.

Not thrifted but I had ordered this GTFO t-shirt from local artist Ali from Light And Paper.

A beautiful cotton scarf! Perfect because it’s Lily of the Valley season.

And a pair of Puma x Fenty creepers with a minty sole to match the scarf. I already have a pair of these shoes but with a tan sole. They are amongst my all time favourites so I guess you could say I’m stockpiling.

Stay tuned for my finds from KW and Niagara Falls!