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Art of the Dolder

Swiss gold.

Hudson’s Bay 2013 Holiday Collection

Stripe heaven

Bedazzled Braids

More ways to accessorize your locks.

Austerity April: Hair Accessories

Save by investing in refined hair accessories

On the Road

Planning some trips away to parlez français, so I thought I’d share this lovely leather passport holder — a gift from Audemars Piguet last Christmas. Considering that I used to carry my papers… Continue reading

All New Review: Garden Inspired Fragrance Layering

Maybe I’m getting a little too into my “Hot Matron” look because I feel drawn to Lilac and Lavender — scents I once considered “Old Lady.” Or perhaps I’m just yearning for the… Continue reading

GlucksteinHome Holiday: Christmas for People Who Don’t Love Christmas

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. It all goes back to when I was a kid and I had a fear of Santa. When holiday things start to appear in stores, I… Continue reading

Colourful Stationery From Ordning & Reda and Jonathan Adler

Was invited to The Bay’s Christmas Street Event last week. I’ll get to the Holiday stuff tomorrow, but first I need to share my excitement of the stationery. I am a stationery geek… Continue reading

Contest: Win This Bracelet From Addition-Elle

Guys. I’ll be honest with you. When Addition-Elle sent the gift certificate for the jeans, they said I could use it myself or gift it to one of my readers. I greedily used… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: Green Suko Jeans from Addition-Elle

The good folks at Addition-Elle recently sent me a gift certificate for a pair of jeans. This was very fortuitous indeed because I’ve been pining for a pair of green jeans. And I… Continue reading

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