GlucksteinHome Holiday: Christmas for People Who Don’t Love Christmas

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. It all goes back to when I was a kid and I had a fear of Santa. When holiday things start to appear in stores, I start to feel that old, tense feeling rising up in my spine. And since it’s Halloween, you can bet that tomorrow the shelves will be cleared of the orange and black to make way for the red and white.

I am a fan of pretty things though. Last week, I attended the Bay’s Christmas Street presentation, featuring the GlucksteinHome holiday collection. Mr. Biran Gluckstein himself was in attendance talking about some of his favourites. And I must say that many of the tablewares and decorations would look great at anytime of the year. Here are a few of my faves, starting with the biomorphic glass acorn ornaments pictured above. I could totally see making a mobile of these babies. The same deal goes for the ceramic pine cones pictured below.

Mr. Gluckstein told us that this striped bulb was his personal favourite because it’s stripey pattern reminded him of his dad’s old Missoni sweaters. If I had a mantel or a dining room table, I’d fill a teak bowl with three of these ornaments just because! And if I had a dining table, I’d also set it with these mismatched plates. The gold and blue palette reminds me of the night sky!