Austerity April: Hair Accessories

Goody Ribbon Headbands

This month, I am trying to save some moolah by stretching out the time between haircuts. That doesn’t mean I want to go around with a crazy mane. One of my favourite ways to make my hair look more polished when it’s growing out is with some fancy braiding and styling.

Despite austerity, I still want to look polished, so I have invested in some simple yet stylish accessories. Luckily, the good folks at Goody invited me to a presentation of their new Spring summer collections and gave us a peek at some easy ways to create a sleek-looking hair do. I’ll share more of their tricks and tips next week, but today I wanted to start with the tools of the trade.

Goody Tangle Fix Brush

First off, you want your hair to look under control. Which is where the new, ergonomic Tangle Fix brush, $11, comes in. It is designed with three lengths of bristles that bend and flex. This helps you unravel knots with out pulling and breaking hair. As someone who is prone to being tender-headed and knotty, this is the greatest brush ever invented. It comes in adult and child-sizes so you and your brood can experience tear-free brushing.

Secondly, you have to have the right tool at the ready. So I was happy to see Goody’s selection of sophisticated head wraps and hair elastics. The new Slide-Proof Velvet Elastics, $5, are particularly amazing. The Goody folks gave us a few to try out and the soft, flocked cover grips my fine hair without tugging and also looks fancy. Yesterday, because we had, like, thirteen types of weather (all wet), I decided to wear my hair in a simple chignon. But since it’s not quite long enough to pull the front fronds back, I decided to test drive one of the lacy Ouchless Headwraps pictured at the top of this post. Again the width and the fabric added an element of refinement to what could have looked like I was off to the gym with a different type of headband.

Double Wear_8 Link Chain Headwrap

Which brings us to the third money-saving option. When my hair gets long, I hate when it gets in my face. The temptation is to grab the closest stationery supply (bulldog clips, pencils, rubber bands) to keep my tresses in place. To help solve this problem, Goody is introducing a line of double-duty elastics and wraps. Called Double Wear (examples pictured above), this jewellery-inspired collection, $6 each, looks just as good wrapped around your wrist or worn as a necklace. You can even make ’em work with the stacking trend and wear them layered. Then, when you can’t fight the urge to pull your hair back, you will always have a polished looking styling aid at the ready.

The new collection is in Walmart stores now and will be available at drugstores and other retailers by May.