Colourful Stationery From Ordning & Reda and Jonathan Adler

Was invited to The Bay’s Christmas Street Event last week. I’ll get to the Holiday stuff tomorrow, but first I need to share my excitement of the stationery. I am a stationery geek so I was overjoyed at the sight of this collection of Jonathan Adler office objects. And most priced under $50.

But that’s not all, The HBC is also bringing Swedish stationers Ordning & Reda to Canada. The good folks at The Bay gifted us with a journal, pen, key ring and pencil case (pictured below). I must say that while it all very pretty, the pencil case is a revelation (I told you I was a stationery geek)! It’s long and skinny and comfortably holds about four pens or pencils, which is all you need, really. Why have I been lugging around purse-sized pencil cases until now? They are always filled with too many non-working writing implements and are too big to fit into an actual purse. What were we thinking?