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Fix It Week: Turquoise Bangle and Plastic Cuff

As mentioned last week, my January goal was to get caught up on repair projects. Some have been more successful than others. Here is a turquoise mosaic bangle that I like. Except that… Continue reading

Happy Robbie Burns Day!

Earlier this week, I found this pillow cover depicting the poet Robbie Burns‘ cottage. It is a print which was embroidered by my not Scottish grandmother, which means she would not have got… Continue reading

Do Over: Lil’ Orphan Earring Charm Bracelet

Everybody who wears earrings has a lost an earring. Which means that most of us have poor, orphaned earrings sitting in our jewellery boxes. You could turn these single earrings into pendants, but… Continue reading

Knit Wit

I was mostly totally slothful over the holidays. And yesterday was kind of a snow day. But I did show some gumption. I mostly finished knitting this cat (still needs a tail and… Continue reading

Into the Woods

Wood is good. Especially these picture frames decorated with branch slices. The one on the left is from Dollarama. The one on the right is a thrift shop find from a ways back.… Continue reading

Fixies: Sugru

My friend Rob was passing through town on his way to California. He gave me some samples of a wonderful goo that he got last spring at the Maker Faire in San Francisco.… Continue reading


Finally had a chance to do some jewellery repairs. I like to give old jewels new life. The top bracelet is a Damascene Toledoware mother of pearl panel bracelet from Spain. It was… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: Embroidered Skunk

A crepuscular crewel work.

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1960s DIY Décor

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