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Hermès Festival des Métiers Part 2

More behind-the-scenes from Hermes

Fixies: Multi Strand Necklace

How to wear vintage without looking vintage

Little Folk

Carving cravings

Vintage Mexican Tonala Pottery Ducks

My new obsession

Do Over: Expandable Elephant Bracelet

Making an elephant reappear


Pining for cones

Do Over: Day Glo Ikea Drawers

My One dollar do-over

The Need for Needlepoint

As you know have a weakness for needlepoint. You may have also noticed that I am not alone — the hipsters have embraced the needle arts making it more and more difficult to… Continue reading

Do Over: Deco Glass Cameo Bracelet

Upcycling an old glass bracelet.

Black and White

This is a snapshot of my friend Linda’s living room. She bought these oversized photocopies for two bucks apiece and then framed them. I think they look pretty neat. Which reminds me of… Continue reading

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