Christmas Crafty

img_6273It’s important to keep one’s hands busy over the holiday season for many reasons. Crafts allow one to indulge in one’s creative side while preventing one from constantly snacking.

So I’ve been crafting up a storm over the last week. Here are some photos of my recent projects, starting with this amagurumi  toy that I made for Mr. Andrew. It has a tiny sampler inside so I can leave him secret messages.

img_2358Knitting and crocheting are good holiday crafts ’cause they are portable pasttimes that you can take and do anywhere, be it one’s mother-in-laws’ house or on the train to said home.

Inspired by this image from Des Petits Hauts’ Instagram, I also knit myself this turban. I had to make up my own pattern, which like the amigurumi is very wabi sabi.

img_2459I am also working on embroidering a sweater. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of the year!