Hang Time


Last year I treated myself to two pairs of glasses. I also have some macular degeneration happening, so I bought reading glasses. And I can’t stop myself when the Dollarama is stocked with crazy Halloween sunglasses.

In a nutshell, I have too many frames and every morning I wake up, blindly groping around fopr the right pair. On Saturday I spent two hours looking for my glasses (or my phone — it’s usually one or the other).

I had seen this idea on Pinterest months ago but had been too lazy to actually impliment the plan. Since I was in an orginizational mood that morning,  I said to the cat “today is the day!” I hammered a nail into the wall above my nightstand/chair/unread book totem, hung up an old hanger and artfully arranged some frames and a fossilized shark tooth for extra flair.

Now I’ll always know where my googly eyes are. And unlike most Pinterest projects this one totally turned out.