Lost and Found: Princess Tina Raincloud Necklace and Parker 51 Pen

I am going through a massive possessions audit (because I have a massive amount of possesions. I took four bags full of clothes, shoes and purses to the Goodwill on Saturday. I listed… Continue reading

Sick Day

Check out this old-timey Sterling Medic Alert bracelet. My guess is that it’s from the ’40s. I shall have it engraved on the reverse with my medical condition “mutant” (and also asthmatic). P.S.… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Monsters of Modernism Marina City Charm

Charm number 4 has arrived. It’s another building from Chi-town—Marina City! I have been enamoured of the “Corn Cobs” (you can read about their history here) since I first saw them in 1987.

Aligator Purse, Aligator Purse

Its downsizing time again. I’m not too attached to my finds — I like the thrill of the hunt, I love researching things when I bring them home, but usually if I don’t… Continue reading

1940s Navy Blue Rayon Crepe Dress

I think this dress is haunted. First of all, it was so rare to find a garment from the 1940s that fit my cushiony frame. Sure it needs some TLC (the decorative fabric-covered… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: Vintage Wallpaper

I found a couple of rolls of this groovy screen printed wall paper in front of the TD Bank. Despite its 1970s kitchen colour palette, I think it has kind of a Japanese… Continue reading

Happy Hunting Ground

Went to The St. Lawrence Market yesterday. Found some pretty baubles. Clockwise from top right: A costume jewelry ring that reminds me of 1980s-era Bulgari; Yet another B+D seagull pin (if you are… Continue reading

Vintage Glass Piggy Bank

I wish I was better at thrift. I mean I’m awesome at thrifting, but I wish didn’t have so much stuff. But then I wouldn’t have this awesome amber glass piggy bank. At… Continue reading

Think Pink: Victorian Paste and Pink Topaz

They say as you get older, you should wear more pink because it’s flattering. And since we were on the subject of pink stone Victorian jewellery, here more snaps of some other 19th… Continue reading

Brutalist Vendome 17J Watch

I got this watch in same fantastic eBay box lot as the Rafael necklace. Most of the costume jewellry companies ventured into the fashion watch business at some time or another, but in… Continue reading

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