Collection Week: Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch + Diechmann Denmark

Here is a collection that neither exploits animals or humans who have to mine for precious minerals or gemstones. It’s a bunch of nylon bangle bracelets by Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch + Diechmann… Continue reading

Collection Week: Stone Rings

As I have mentioned before, I believe in the healing power of gemstones (my great-grandmother believed in it too and I inherited her copy of The Book of Talismans, published in 1922). It… Continue reading

Oscar Fashion: Turquoise Delight

This morning, I was thinking really hard about my favourite Oscar ensembles. And I realized that there was nothing truly memorable. It was a play-it-safe year for stylists. There were two looks that… Continue reading

Collection Week: Tortoiseshell Jewellery

Tortoise shell (made from the Hawksbill turtle) was popular in the olden days before plastic because it could be easily carved and shaped. It was used to make everything from hair combs to… Continue reading

Collection Week: Ivory

I have a large collection of ivory jewellery. Mostly pieces that I have found at thrift shops and antique stores. I am of mixed emotions when it comes to ivory — I would… Continue reading

A Hasty Post About Some Stuff That I Bought

Yesterday I decided to take a wee break to enjoy the springlike temperatures. What started out as a brisk walk turned into a shopping spree. Since I spent too much money on stuff,… Continue reading

Best Things In Life: Edwardian Citrine Lavalier Necklace

This is one of my prettiest possessions — a 9k gold Lavalier pendant. A lavalier or lavaliere is a pendant with a dangling stone that hangs from a necklace. The style was first… Continue reading

Mid-Week Update: Paris Ready-To-Wear Week

Is it just me, or does it feel like the Fall Winter 2010 shows have been going on forever. Anyway, the Paris Ready-To-Wear shows began on Monday. Balmain presented a brocaded and broad-shouldered… Continue reading

The Devil’s Workshop is Moving (and a Do Over)

The Devil’s Workshop, a fine local silversmithing studio, is moving into their new digs at 890 Queen Street West today. Not only do they sell lots of cool jewels, they also teach classes… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Eveta Puku Finland Dress

When you think Finnish fashion, you probably think Marimekko, which got its start when a young couple started a textile concern, and hired local artists to create prints for their fabrics. To show… Continue reading

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