Cairo Time: Art Deco Egyptian Revival Bracelet

The Art Deco movement was heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian themes. The 1920s in general were caught up in a fantasy of Egypt. Sometimes things where more fantastical than others. For example, there… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Rafael Alfandary Tassel Necklace

I won a lot of jewellery on eBay. I could see this Rafael Alfandary necklace poking out from the other goodies, so I bid $20 and won. When it arrived, petty much everything… Continue reading

Cairo Time: Sterling Eye of Horus Pendant and Torque Necklace

In keeping with this week’s Egyptian theme, here is a 1970s-era Mexican sterling Torc or torque necklace with an Eye of Horus pendant.

Cairo Time: Eye of Horus Pendant

A dainty little pendant that my Jessica brought back from Cairo. Marisa Tomei work a very similar one in the movie Cyrus. After I saw that movie, I started to wear this one… Continue reading

Cairo Time: Egyptian Silver Earrings

Since Egypt is in the news, I thought I’d share some of my favourite bijoux from the fertile crescent. Here are a pair of silver earrings, marked with the lotus, the national assay… Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Anna Sui Double Eye Color

The theme of Anna Sui’s new spring collection is Double Impact. It’s about how every girl has two sides. New launches include two kinds of lip gloss — one sheer, one lacquered. There’s… Continue reading

Faux Barbie vs. Faux Elzac

I found a tribal mask brooch (above, bottom right) at the Value Village in Kitchener. It reminded me of pieces made by a company called Elzac of Hollywood in the 1940s (above ,… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Knowledge is Power!

I love silk scarves, but have never figured out but one way to wear them. Yesterday at work, my colleague Tracey Ho Lung was wearing her Hermès scarf in a very chic, low-slung… Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Burberry Sport Ice for Women

Maybe somebody at Clarins read about my burgeoning Burberry collection because they sent me a preview of Sport Ice for Women eau de toilet, $72 to $94. With opening notes of ginger, frozen… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Another Helen Kalvak Print

It’s only been a year and half since I started looking for art for our walls, but Mr. Andrew gently suggests that perhaps we have too much. So this Helen Kalvak print may… Continue reading

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