Neato Netsuke

I found myself with some free time last week and went on a thrift shopping bender. Amongst my many fantastic finds with this wooden figure of the Buddha. I think it’s a Netsuke.… Continue reading

Tie One On!

I admit it. I sometimes buy vintage just for the label. For example, I do not wear ties. Yet I picked up these Balenciaga and Missoni cravattes simply because I wanted to say… Continue reading

Vintage Fashion Ads From 1985

That Victoria & Albert Album I found last week also had some crazy cool old clothing adverts. Remember kids, the 1980s were an era of conspicuous consumption. Why Hermès only had to show… Continue reading

Autumn Leaves

Speaking of pink, here’s an 1920s or ’30s sterling and glass necklace I found at Antique World in Clarence, NY this weekend. $1 folks, $1.

In the Pink!

I have found Trapper Point blankets Point Blanket coats before, and I bought a classic Queen Anne Stripe blanket from a fella off the eBay. But finally, after years of searching, I found… Continue reading

All Grown Up

As some of you may remember, last winter I resolved to pursue the “Hot Matron” style as my signature look. Using Tilda Swinton as my inspiration, I’ve been quietly amassing a closet full… Continue reading

Paisley Underground

Nancy was in town from New York, so we went to Little India for some shopping and eating. I picked up a some cheap and chic paisley printed garments — a shift (pictured… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: Olivetti Lettera 25 Typewriter

Look what I found on the corner of Manning and Queen the other night. An Olivetti Lettera 25 Portable Typewriter. Designed by architect Mario Bellini in 1974, it originally retailed for $109 bucks.… Continue reading

Vintage Jewellery Ads From 1985

I bought a Victoria & Albert Album from 1985 to help me research antique and retro clothing and jewellery. Since the book is 25 years old itself, I realized that the fashions and… Continue reading

Do Over: Dragons Awake

Here’s a love Nouveau-ish brooch I picked up for 50 cents at a garage sale last May. It was missing its centre stone and it took all summer to find an appropriate one… Continue reading

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