Five Golden Rings

All the pre-holiday crazy times means that the blogging will be slowing down until the end of the year. The goal is to post at least one picture of something pretty everyday, so… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: Girl With Cape and Piccolo

I saw this girl walking down Queen Street. She was super stylish in her cape, tweedy wide-legged pants and clogs. But the the fact that she was carrying her piccolo just pushed the… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Le Must de Cartier Silk Scarf

Went to see the Maharajah show at the AGO on the weekend. It was pretty awesome and some of the miniature paintings have totally inspired me to do some more art. I was… Continue reading

Do Over: Plato Watch

I keep trying to come up with a way to wear what I call granny watches — the ladies watch with the loopy lugs. The only watchband options seem to be a black… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Madame Grès

The house of Grès was an old school couture house. I remember my old boss Kate telling me that her aunt took her there when she was a young girl. It was a… Continue reading

Mid Week Modness: Mappins Cuff Bracelet Watch

I don’t know much about this watch other than what’s printed on the dial. It says Mappins (a Canadian jewellery store) and antichoc (which means its has a shock absorbing mechanism so the… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Liberty of London

I don’t like to brag, but I’m pretty awesome at finding Liberty of London scarves at thrift shops and the like. What draws me to them are the distinctive patterns. The scarf pictured… Continue reading

I Found An Art — And A Marsupial Skin

I found this ebonized ironwood bust at the Value Village last week. I can’t pretend it’s a valuable find. I just like sculpture and I like the fact that this face reminds me… Continue reading

Collections Week: Rafaels I Have Owned

To finish up Collections Week, I thought I’d share a mini-collection that has been disbanded. I used to find the odd piece by Canadian designer Rafael Alfandary. I admire the designs. So if… Continue reading

Collections Week: Vintage Jewellery Boxes

I know I talked about buying accessories for my watches before. I also like to gather up any old jeweller’s boxes that I find. In the olden days, jewellers seemed to put a… Continue reading

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