The Legend of Dieter Rams

Pictured above is the new Teint Ergonomy Foundation by Thierry Mugler, $48, available exclusively at the Bay. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s designed reflect light and adjust to every and any… Continue reading

Weather Girl iPhone App

Yet another reason I want an iPhone: The Weather Girl App. It’s a collaboration between my friends Dino Baron and Tara Cooper (who also has an installation at the Gladstone as part of… Continue reading

This is Your Face On Drugs

Here’s a conversation I frequently have with myself: The effect controlled substances have on your looks. I am not condoning legal or illegal drug abuse. I’m just saying that some drugs are kinder… Continue reading

Distressed Rings

If they can sell pre-shredded jeans, does that mean intentionally distressed jewellery can be far behind? Pictured above are two very well loved rings that I found at the St. Lawrence Market. I… Continue reading

Fine Feathered Hat

If there was one big buzzword at Fashion Week in New York last week it was “Ladylike” (see also “Grown Up“). Skirts are knee length, silhouettes are fuller and fabrics are floaty. Which… Continue reading

Expert Advice: Anastasia Achilleos’ At Home Holistic Facial

Olay’s celebrity facialist Anastasia Achilleos was in town recently for the launch of the new Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum, $40. Achielleos, if you don’t know, is a firm believer in the holistic approach to… Continue reading

Summer of the Fake Longchamps Bag

For some reason, Toronto was flooded with fake Longchamps Le Pliages totes. While it is Longchamps signature sac, it is not a particularly expensive bag (about $125, but then again I see LeSportsac… Continue reading

Canadian Style — Not an Oxymoron

In the new New Yorker Style Issue, there’s a couple of shout outs to our home and native land. In a story about J. Crew, the author describes a fashionable young men as… Continue reading

Fairy Wallpaper Find

Sorry for the late posting today. Perhaps this picture of the 1970s vintage wallpaper I found last week will help make up for it somehow. Wallpaper is making a comeback, but I’m afraid… Continue reading

Are You Carrying? Molly Stark Pocket Watch

This here is a ladies full hunter Molly Stark Pocket Watch. The Hampden Watch Co. introduced this watch in 1896. This watch dates from around 1900 but looks almost brand new. When it… Continue reading

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