The Girl with the Pearl Earrings

There’s a phenomenon that I call theme days. For example, last week I was researching a story on British pattern designer Kathy Winkle. During a random reading of a story on collectibles, Kathy Winkles name came up again. Then I went to the Value Village and came across a bunch of Kathy Winkle plates. Or a week ago Monday, when everybody from random strangers on the bus to my dentist were all talking about Drake.

The way I define it, theme days consist of seeing three or more similar things in a 24 hour period. And these themes generally escalate. Tuesday was a double theme day: Not only did I find the rock watch and earrings that I posted about on Wednesday, I also found a pair of real baroque pearl earrings (attached to a prayer card for Santo Jubilar Mariano) for $2. “Great,” I thought, “These would be perfect for replacing missing drops on a Victorian pendant that I have.”

As I continued to search through the VV racks, I came across a pair of small pearl studs. “These look real (though probably cultured),” my inner voice said. “These would be great for either wearing or for fixing that cute enamel pansy brooch (if we can remember where we put it).” And finally I found an enormous (11mm) pair of 14k pearl studs. For $3. They are also likely cultured but they have a lovely lustre. I could tell they were marked gold quite easily. Perhaps the sheer outrageous size of the earrings made the person who prices these things dismiss them as costume. But they are not. “Let’s keep these to wear,” said my brain. And who am I to argue with my brain, it’s the smartest part of me.