Rainy Days

If it’s gonna be rainy outside, you should have a pretty umbrella, such as this 1960s-era ombre number with a bamboo body and lucite handle that I found at the Value Village on… Continue reading

Arc of a Diver

Check out this crazy Westclox Diving Watch I picked up on Wednesday at the Salvation Army. It’s a 17 jewel, handwound movement set in a plastic case. I also learned that a polishing… Continue reading

Who Is She?

My Louiseboulanger Elgin (pictured below) arrived yesterday! It is in much better shape than the ones I had before, though it’s still not working. It was part of a lot with many other… Continue reading

Fashion is Danger

I was reading up on this week’s auction of the contents of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s country home. I was even gonna make a post about it so I was looking… Continue reading

Still Feelin’ the Twenties

The Art Deco era is pretty awesome, so here are some more pretties from the 1920s from my jewellery box. Above is a German-made rhodium plated sterling silver necklace from Birks. The necklace’s… Continue reading

Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Ghost of Christmas Past

British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is one of my favourite fine jewellery designers. The self-taught jeweller has have a real sense of adventure without ever becoming too precious. For a while, she was head… Continue reading

Feelin’ Kinda Twenties

For some reason, I keep buying the same Art Deco Elgin Parisienne watch over and over again. The Parisienne line of watches was introduced in the mid-1920s and featured ultra deco designs by… Continue reading

Do Over: More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes you come across a piece of jewellery history — just a piece mind you, not the whole set. In this case I found one beautiful Mexican silver and coral cabochon screwback earring… Continue reading

Finn Followup

Remember that auction of Scandinavian Jewellery at Waddington’s I wrote about? It’s over and it brought some pretty big sales. I don’t want to brag (I do want to brag) but the amethyst… Continue reading

Speaking of Anna Wintour

Went to see The September Issue with Jessica on Friday. I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna Wintour’s stunning necklaces. Basically she wears three collet-set, graduated rivière necklaces throughout the movie – one… Continue reading

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