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Wanna Buy A Watch?

Time for sale

Frugal February

Velvet Goldmine

Shopper’s Delight

Let’s make a deal

A Day In The Life

All around Toronto

Tangible Intangibles

My sister Bobbi, has joined the Etsy Community with a new shop called TangibleIntangibles. She lives out in the country, has access to auctions and has accumulated a cool collection of Canadiana and… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Whitehead and Dansk

On Monday I struck out to the Value Village where I found not one but two amazing discoveries. First, I came across an eight-piece Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube for Dansk table ware setting. I… Continue reading

Thrift Shop Haul

More scores.

Queen West Art Crawl Haul

A visual feast!


On the make

On the Webs

Just a quick update on things I’m doing across the internets: 1. I am one of the co-founders of the online decor magazine Covet Garden. We are currently producing our first print edition… Continue reading

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