Wanna Buy A Watch?

0F6F9C02-3626-4708-AEA9-674CE964EAB1I am saving up to buy a vintage IWC Porsche Design watch, which means it’s time to do a watch purge. I’ve already got a bunch of interesting timepieces for sale in my Gracious Good Etsy shop, but here are three new watches that I’ve just listed. 

Up top is a sexy, 1970s-era ladies Timex. It’s got all of the chunk of funk styling of the me decade, but with a smaller but balanced size for people who don’t want to get carpal tunnel from wearing a watch.

A45F570C-F74B-4A0E-BD49-FBA500AFEBEESpeaking of the Seventies, this oval-faced timepiece has a lovely lapis-coloured dial an an elegant style that is coming back into fashion — check out Piaget’s retro looking new collections and you’ll see what I mean!

7DA89C2C-002C-4BC8-AE29-C3D3CE94944FSpeaking of revivals, Timex has recently reintroduced it’s mechanical Marlin watch. But here is one of the original 1950s Marlins. I’m sort of loathe to sell this one because of its history and it’s rugged good looks, but I can’t have all the watches and the 1950s Eterna Matic I just out sort of fills all the same spots in my collection  as this Timex.

So check out my store and give one of these (or the many other watches that I’ve got for sale) a good home.