Frugal February

6E9D161C-3FCD-4653-ACA1-10F3183A455DThis is a confessional post. I told myself that it was smart to stock up on wardrobe pieces during the deeply discounted January sales. The rationale  being that all of my garment needs have been met, and therefore I need never buy clothing again.

This is also a #goals post. Because for this reasoning to have meaning I need to stop shopping. At least for the month of February. I am also going to try to cut back on the amount of hunting I do for stock for the old Etsy shop. I will instead focus on selling the inventory I already have. I am putting this out there to hold myself to these promises.

In the meantime, here are the last of my January buys. Expect some future posts about how I’m putting these looks together.

Pictured up top are a pair of blue velvet booties from Old Navy. I also picked up a black velvet blazer from the same establishment on the weekend. And I did a Little last minute online shopping at the Bay, where I got the minimalist puffer jacket as an impulse purchase.

I was shopping for these Sorels because I’m going to Northern Sweden in March and I can’t take my sealskin boots because of bans. But then I also got the jacket and the shiny HBC stripes tote because they were on sale.

Which brings us to the last goal: to get real use out of these beauties. Wish me luck!