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Prescription Jewellery: Blue Lace Agate, Labradorite and Amethyst

A note on the healing properties of gemstones.

Healing Stones Week: Quartz

My Great-Grandmother Hudson was a medicine woman of sorts. I have her books of herbal remedies and her copy of the Book of Talismans. It is in this book that I first learn… Continue reading

Collection Week: Stone Rings

As I have mentioned before, I believe in the healing power of gemstones (my great-grandmother believed in it too and I inherited her copy of The Book of Talismans, published in 1922). It… Continue reading

Stone Cold

I have a cold. If you believe in the healing properties of gemstones (as I do), then you should stock up some red stones to help clear up the old head. Today I… Continue reading

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