0B015FCD-8E39-4CD5-BF55-61EAB0022FA5So, having total knee replacement is very painful. I probably had some good hospital drugs so the first two days weren’t so bad, but the combination of the heavy duty painkillers wearing off and trying to stay on top of my post op exercises have left me achey and exhausted at the end of the day.

I’m looking for relief any place I can find it, so I went to my collection of gemstones looking for ones that might work on inflammation (yes, I consider myself a woman of science, but I also believe that rocks can have healing properties as well).

According to my books (my great-grandmother was a natural healer and I inherited her literature), lapis lazuli promotes post surgery healing. And of course, clear quartz pretty much works for whatever ails you. So I took out my big box of semi precious gemstones to see if I had appropriate necklaces.

And that’s when I noticed how much green jewelery I own. I’ve got jade, serpentine, bloodstone, and aventurine beads by the dozens. And I’ve got many jade and emerald rings to boot. These greenstones don’t do much to address my current malady, but in general they help promote peace and calm (and good fortune). So if I was to psychoanalyze my jewels, I would say that I am someone who needs reassurance and peace.