Healing Stones Week: Quartz

My Great-Grandmother Hudson was a medicine woman of sorts. I have her books of herbal remedies and her copy of the Book of Talismans. It is in this book that I first learn about the various properties of gemstones. As a result, I have a jewellery box that basically a medicine chest of healing stones. I thought I’d share some this week. Insert disclaimer about how this info is not scientifically proven and is presented for entertainment purposes here.

Pictured above is a studio-made Sterling and Clear Quartz Crystal necklace. I have more than one clear quartz necklace and I wear them a lot, I just happen to be more in love with this one at the moment.

Quartz is what many people picture when they think of healing crystals. It is said to turn up the good energy while dispelling bad vibes. It also helps you focus mentally.

Physically, quartz is supposed to reduce pain while strengthening the body, which is why its often used for achey/pain-y troubles such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, fibromyalgia and intestinal troubles. If you pair clear quartz up with another healing stone, it will help amplify its powers.