Make ‘Em Ups

imageWork has been busy lately. Lots of little gigs which means a lot more time is spent managing each project and juggling all the logistical bits and pieces. When there are a lot of jobs on the go, I need to do some thing crafty or creative as an intellectual palette cleanser in between courses, as it were.


So I went through my broken jewellery stash and made some necklaces. The colliers pictured up top were made from the remnants of two necklaces and two bracelets. Restringing the tiny turquoise chips was one of the more laborious tasks I’ve ever undertaken. I imagine the person who had to drill holes into the micro nuggets had it worse, though.

Putting three clay beads on a leather thong (pictured above) was much easier.

imageFinally, this here strand is what I call a pharmaceutical necklace. It’s made up of semi-precious gemstones harvested from other necklaces. The big player here is the Amethyst, which is said to help focus the endocrine system and metabolism, boost the immune system, reduce pain, bruising and swelling and  help hearing disorders.

I mixed it up with some yellow jasper (and some rose quartz) which has been used as a talisman for promoting focus, to help get one’s diet on track and also to stabilize the immune system. I have issues with all of these things.

I like to think I am a rationalist and therefore shouldn’t believe that crystals have healing powers, but I like rocks and I like to think that they have an energy. Even if it’s just the power of the gems making me happy.