Holiday Haul: Clothes

Old Navy Dress, Cardigan, graphic leggings

Just got back from a week away in my home town helping my mom recover from her knee-replacement surgery. One of the jobs I had was helping my mother de-clutter her drawers and closets. So even though I took a whole weekend bag full of clothes to give to my nieces, I somehow managed to come back with a whole weekend bag full of my mom’s cast offs. The best is the cardigan that she knit herself!

Technically the mullet dress and the leggings are not my mom’s hand-me-downs — I always forget to pack something and this time it was bottoms. I only had the sweats that I wore for the bus trip.So I picked up a dress from Old Navy clearance rack to wear whilst visiting relatives and leggings from Dollarama to wear under said dress so my thighs wouldn’t chafe. Because the weather went from winter to summer in the seven days that I was away, I also liberated these Birkenstock sandals from my ma’s closet.

striped blouse and birkenstocks