Winternet Wardrobe


I am trying to become more of a minimalist and have been slowly getting rid of things such as clothing that I don’t wear.

You may also recall that I’ve been trying to draw what I wear every day on putting those illustrations on a Tumble called Sketchtoralist. This exercise has given me better insight into my wardrobe — both from feedback from tumblr readers and from my own observations about what works, what doesn’t work and how it all works together.

I’ve also been using the power of the Pinterest to make a scrapbook of looks that I like. It turns out that a lot of the ensembles that attract me feature garments that I already sort of kind of have. So I’ve been mixing and matching trying to replicate these images. Of course it doesn’t always work because the ladies in the photos don’t always look like me, or my clothes aren’t cut exactly the same way. But I can usually pull off some version of the look.

It has also taught me what is missing from my closet. Namely, I kept pinning pictures of people wearing black skinny jeans yet I had no such garment. Judging from my wardrobe wish list, I was also pining for a slightly oversize funnel or cowl neck sweater (I cannot stand tight turtlenecks).

So I turned to the internet one more time, browsing online emporiums for affordable black jeans and pullovers. This kept me from impulse shopping (mostly). I could browse online boutiques and put selects in a cart and go away for a few days while I comparison shopped. Some stores have special online only offerings. Most have more styles available in my size than their brick and mortar shops.

I ended up finding my black jeans and sweater at I kept them parked in my cart until a good sale came up. They also offer free (but slow boat) shipping if you buy $50 or more, so I also picked up a pair of tuxedo stripe trousers to take me over the limit.

So with the exception of a few grey v-neck t-shirts (I’ll pick up a package of Fruit of the Loom T-shrts next time I am at Giant Tiger), my winter wardrobe is complete. Expect no more posts about my clothing for a while (hopefully).