All New Review: Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche 2009 was fun. Too many things that you had to line up for, but fun. As always, I like the strange reactions to the work, like when we went to Anitra Hamilton‘s Audio Parade, which took place in a cool courtyard at Old City Hall. A marching band could be heard, but non-could be seen. When we went, a group of six tweens, led by a drum major with an umbrella, were stomping around, and soon groups of adults began to fall in line behind them.

My favourite was Tom Dean‘s Fire & Sausage: Small Mercies. The installation was set up like a hobo camp where you waited for a handout of a sausage and hot cocoa. Unlike the lineups at other events, which were no doubt part of site-specific security concerns, the waiting was part of the installation. People played poker. Blankets with the word “Mercy” printed on them were distributed. We met Jamie Kennedy (who supplied the delicious sausages). We had interesting conversations with drunks and little kids.

Plus we got to keep our mugs!