Do Over: Crane Ring and Key Pendant

Loud & Cie Art Nouveau Crane Ring

The St. Lawrence Market has become my new favourite destination for finding bits of broken old stuff that I can turn into new stuff. Most weekends, there’s at least two dealers selling scrap jewellery. This weekend I got a bag full of odds and ends — most were simply chains that needed to be untangled — for about $30. I set this Art Nouveau button (signed Loud & Cie, Paris and pictured above) in a sterling ring setting that was missing a stone. And, inspired by the Tiffany Key Pendants, I picked up an antique skeleton key, put a bale on it and hung it from a chain (pictured below).

This is an extremely simple project, by the by.
Step 1. Get old key.
Step 2. Get bale from bead store (step 2 is optional).
Step 3. Hang key on chain.

Skeleton Key Pendant