What I Got For Christmas

My sister gave me the ultrasonic Schildkraut Jewelry Cleaner pictured above. When I was taking silver smithing classes, we used one of these a lot. The actual cleaning is performed by the cleaning solution (a mild soap), it just makes the process faster. And you can clean a whole bunch of jewels at one time.

Some other caveats: Soft gemstones such as pearls, opal, coral and turquoise, emeralds and flawed stones can be damaged by the ultrasonic waves. Don’t zap them. Same applies for costume jewelry with rhinestones.

After you give your jewels a bath place them on a snuggly microfibre towel. Let air-dry for an hour or two and and transfer to a fresh towel. Make sure the piece is completely dry before you put your bijoux away in their sleeping bags. What? Your jewellery doesn’t have sleeping bags? For shame!

Just kidding. Sort of. Here’s how to make a jewelry Snuggie. Next time you’re in a hotel, take the little felt shoe cleaning mitt to wrap your baubles.