Weekday Update: Rearview Mirror Edition II

Everybody is weighing in with their “Decade in Review” lists. I, too, am making a list. A list of the top five fashion related Naughty Aughties lists and whatnot, starting with:

5. Meg Hemphill says that the ’00s will be remembered as the decade of celebutards and $300 jeans (my words, not hers). Via the Huffington Post.

4. Adam Kepler counts down the decade’s most influential (on fashion, not about fashion) flicks. Via The New York Times.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — icons of the rich hippie look — at least according to Style.com.

2. Entertainment Weekly offers a list of 20 Knockout Dresses of the ’00s. A surprising number of them (like the Vera Wang gown Michelle Williams wore to the 2006 Academy Awards, pictured above) are yellow. Can we all agree to refer to the decade as the “Sunny None-ys?”

1. Aughties Fashion has its own Wikipedia entry!