By The Buch (+ Deichmann)

See those little birdies pictured above? They are by a Danish company called Buch + Deichmann. I first came across the company back in the 1980s when I purchased a bunch of nylon barrettes at a store called the Green Room in Stratford. The store still stands, but, alas, B + D no longer makes hair accessories.

Still, these barrettes are so awesome that, over the years, whenever I saw anything remotely B+D-y, I would buy it on the spot. Which is how I accquired a mini collection of Buch + Deichmann (there’s more — bangles, hair combs, barrettes — that’s not pictured here).

B+D started up in Denmark in the early 70s. A designer named Ketty Dalsgaard was inspired by the shiny rings from the moors of fishing boats to create a line of brightly-coloured plastic bracelets. The collection grew to include plastic earrings, chokers and brooches. The seagulls pictured here are one of the most icon of the B + D designs.

By the ’80s, B + D was focussing mostly on the hair accessories, carried mostly in high-end department stores like Harrods, Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdales. In Ontario, you could pick them up at Queen’s Quay or boutiques like the aforementioned Green Room. And then one day, the company decided to just make reading glasses. Sure glasses might improve my vision, but how could I see through the tears of loss and regret?