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Danish Delights

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Buch + Deichmann Purple Parrot

Warning: This post is mostly an eBay rant

Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch Deichmann Hoop Earrings

Ring the bells!

Pink Buch + Deichmann Seagull Brooch

One step closer to cornering the B+D bird brooch market.

Tangerine Dream

Pantone has named Tangerine Tango as it’s Colour of the Year for 2012. I celebrate this shade choice with a few citrussy faves that have passed through my collections. Schiaparelli Scarf Art Deco… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Yet Another Buch + Deichmann Bangle

Was in Shakespeare, Ontario last weekend with my sister, niece and nephew. It is the land of exquisite but very expensive antiques. I did find an example of a Buch + Deichmann bangle… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Yet Another B&D Bangle

Yeah, I know you’re probably over my obsession with Buch & Deichmann. But I found another bangle on the weekend and I had to tell somebody! To make this post more service-y, I… Continue reading

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