Do Over: Framing Ephemera

I like a nice art. I do like to go to the galleries and take in all the beauty I can. When you go to galleries, artists often leave behind postcards and posters promoting their shows. If they are pretty, I bring them home. I can rarely afford art, but I feel that by collecting art world ephemera, I’m still catching some of the spirit. If music is your bag, independent record stores are another good place to score free promo pieces.

When I was a renter, I liked to tack these pictures on my wall. When I had a full-time job, I like to tack them on the walls of my cubicles. Now that I am an underemployed adult, I’ve decided to frame some of the prettiest ones. But you know, on the cheap.

Many of these pieces don’t fit traditional store-bought frame sizes. So I’ve taken to carrying around a card with the dimensions of the prints that I want to frame in case I find an odd size at the Value Village.

Yesterday I totally lucked out with a long thin frame for this Fastwürms/Instant Coffee poster I picked up at the first Nuit Blanche. Yes, it took three years to find a frame that worked for this print. And yes, I still had to fold over the bottom bit to make it fit. But the poster was kinda mangled after three years of sitting rolled up in a box with all the other ephemera, so I don’t feel too bad.