Protect Your Neck


On Sunday I did not rest. Rather I decided that it was time to realize some jewellery making ideas that I had. Especially since I sourced some findings from Soo Ling beads — a dusty old shop on the corner of Ossington and Dundas. I got some black beading cord to I could reattempt my crocheted amethyst nugget necklace. I got some silver chain and wire so I could create a station necklace with some real pearls from a broken strand. And while I was there, I bought some vintage glass pony beads to make a message necklace.


I also restrung a jade necklace and added some quartz dangles. All of these gemstones or words are meant to offer some sort of postitive or protective energy. Plus they are pretty. I am pleased with the results And looking for another lazy Sunday when I have the time to lose myself in making.


Next up: I want to hand knot the rest of the broken pearl strand (I’ve sone it before, it’s very time consuming), make an even longer length of the crocheted necklace, and to make a necklace like the jade one, but using smaller beads and old silver charms and pendants spaced out all around.