My Enemy, My Moth

My nemesis — in fact, the foe of all right-thinking people everywhere — is the moth. I have fought against this pest valiantly in the past. I have bought cedar oils, cedar balls, cedar sachets and pheremone traps. And sometimes our ‘lil kitty Ronnie James Dio lazily swipes one out of the sky. Generally, I am winning the moth wars.

Until I discovered that the vile creatures had eaten through my Pendleton skirt. Then I realized that there were also holes in my moth prevention strategy. Namely, these hell-bugs like dark places as much as I do. So I’ve thrown open the blinds and blackout curtains. Take that Tineola bisselliella. I also took my precious Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket, cashmere sweaters, old kilts and my War Rug outside for 24 hours to freeze-die any moth larvae that might be kicking around. Then I paid my niece to give the place a good vacuuming.

Here are some other moth reduction tips:
• Thoroughly clean garments before storage. Clothes moths are more attracted to fabrics that are soiled by food, beverages, perspiration and urine than the clean wool itself. To really get at organic ickiness, add some bleach into the laundry cycle. If you got furs, professional cleaning and cold storage is recommended.
• Store clean articles in tight storage containers or sealed plastic bags (without holes).
• If the moths have already had at your precious, you can get rid of their damned larvae and eggs by brushing and sunning them, or by having them dry cleaned.

Oh moths, I hate you so much.