Find of the Month: Rolex Standard Official Service Watch

It certainly has been the greatest week, watch-collecting-wise. First there was the the fancy 14k watch. Then the hypnotic Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch. On Friday, I picked up an old gold pocket watch chain in a bag of broken jewellery from the VV (more on the later). Who could expect anymore watch action?

But today I went to visit my friend Jane in Hamilton. We went to a funny little shop called Olive’s Oddments that had lots of antique art pottery as well as non-vintage tchochkes. They also had a bag of old ladies wrist watches for $10. In that bag was this:

It’s a Rolex Standard, aka a “Canadian Rolex.” Its lady-sized and looks pretty much like the one pictured in the ad above. Click on the picture above to view it in its full glory. Check out the 24-hour military dials, lume and painted red second hand (‘tho most of the lume and red paint has crumbled away). A lot of these watches were sold to soldiers departing for active service in Europe during World War II.

Of course, this watch is not working. I’ve never been one to get all excited about Rolexes, but this one is so horologically interesting on account of the military tie-in and the Canadian connection that I couldn’t resist. But getting it working again could cost an arm and a leg. On the other hand, once you factor in the other watches in the bag, this watch cost me $1.