The Truth About Vanity Sizing

There was a lot of hullaballoo in the UK last week about the practice of Vanity Sizing. A couple of months ago when we were all up in arms about size 0 to 2 models. When I was a youth, models were size 6 (in order to fit the clothing samples. Did models actually shrink to a non-existent size?

For example, in the ’90s during the whole waif model thing, you’d often hear people proclaiming that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 (sometimes this figure was inflated up to 16). But a size 12 from the 1950s is more like an 8 today.

Here’s a visual illustration of the effect of Vanity Sizing. I pulled some size 12 skirts (pictured above) from my wardrobe. The Italian size 48 Max Mara skirt at the top is about four years old. Admittedly, it is designed to sit lower on the hips that the Aquascutum skirt at the bottom. The Calvin Klein skirt is from the early 90s. The Aquascutum is from the late 70s/early eighties.